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Patternmaking & Sewing Notes
by Don McCunn

Table of Contents

These notes supplement the information found in How to Make Sewing Patterns and How to Make Custom-Fit Bras & Lingerie. They are organized under general topics with some Notes shown under more than one topic.


Updates to the book How to Make Sewing Patterns
Using Gingham & the Woman's Front Sloper
Adjusting the Sleevecap & Armscye
Pants Fitting Issues
DIY Fitting

Bra Slopers & Variations
Bra Issues
Acquiring Underwires for Bras and Corsets
The Concept of the Bust Sling Bra
Nursing Bras: A Bust Sling Bra Variation
Cheryl Wang's Bust Sling Bra

Lower Torso Slopers (aka Skirts)
Sway Back Postures
Custom-Fit Contoured Waistbands
Creating a Pattern for an Elliptical Skirt

Pants Slopers & Jumpsuits
Pants Fitting Issues
Sway Back Postures
Jumpsuits, Onesies, & Overalls
Corset Jeans

Sleeve Slopers
Adjusting the Sleevecap & Armscye
The Reason for Sleevecap Ease

Swimsuit and Lingerie Edge Finishes
Heat Sink Cord Finishing

Sewing Basics
Swimsuit and Lingerie Edge Finishes
Sewing a Rolled Hem
Cutting Synthetic Fabric with a Hot Knife

Free Hat and Cap Patterns and Sewing Instructions
Chemo Cap Patterns and Instructions
Red Hat Pattern and Instructions

Creating Costumes
Quorra's Costume from Disney's TRON: Legacy
A Pixie Halloween Costume
Minnie Van Costume

Historic Patterns
Classic Patternmaking Instructions for Jodhpurs

Copyright © 2015 by Donald H. McCunn