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Patternmaking & Sewing Notes
by Don McCunn

Corset Jeans

An interesting bifrucated garment I had the priviledge to make was a pair of corset jeans. My model Erin had seen corset jeans on the streets of New York and asked me to make her a pair. I was intrigued by the idea because a corset binds the rib cage tightly. But pants need to have flexibility when the body bends at an angle to sit. The obvious material to use is stretch denim. But stretch fabric needs to be cut so the direction of maximum stretch is around the body. This does not answer the needs of leg movement as I show in my online class How to Make a Pants Sloper, see the video "An Introduction" at 2:45. My solution was to cut the back yoke so the maximum stretch was vertical instead of horizontal. Here are the results.

Corset Jeans

* Bifrucated – To divide into two branches or parts.

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