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Patternmaking & Sewing Notes
by Don McCunn

The Concept of the Bust Sling Bra

The conventional bra is based on a cantilever concept where the weight of the breast is supported by the band around the rib cage. The Bust Sling Bra changes the support structure to a suspension style that follows the natural contours of the body.

This style bra has been developed in large part to provide support and comfort for women requiring larger cup sizes. The model in the photos below was instrumental in the development of this bra as an initial fitting model then as a field tester. She wears an "H" cup in an conventional bra. While the bra is designed to provide both coverage and support, this model's soft tissue is mostly self-supporting requiring minimal support as you can see in the nsfw image "The Conversation" from Don McCunn's Revisiting the Classics.

Bra Comparison

The back of the Bust Sling Bra can be styled to optimize the comfort and design aesthetic of the wearer. For example, the back support can be: a halter neck; "X" back; or racerback to mention a few.

Bust Sling Bra back variations.

Because the structure of this bra provides support by following the natural contours of the body it can be used to create garments with built in support that require no additional undergarment. This approach also eliminates the need for underwires. Some women have found it is a particularly effective design for nursing bras. It is an open design concept that can be used to create garments for women of all ages.

The procedure for making this style bra is described in the paperback book How to Make Custom-Fit Bras and Lingerie.

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