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Patternmaking & Sewing Notes
by Don McCunn

Sleevecaps - The Reason for Ease

Sleevecap with no ease   Sleeve cap with ease

The first photo shows a standard sleeve paper pattern that has been wrapped around the arm of my model Christina Lowery. You can see how the paper stands out from her arm rather than following its shape.

The second photo shows the paper pattern which has been shaped to fit the arm by cutting the paper to add three 1/8" darts to the front of the sleevecap and three 1/8" darts to the back of the sleevecap. These darts are the same as the ease you use to shape a fitted sleeve into an armscye as described in my book How to Make Sewing Patterns, see page 74 (1977 ed.) or page 81 (2016 ed.).

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