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Books and Online Classes by Don McCunn

Other Publications – Current Publishers

Since 1977 Design Enterprises of San Francisco has published books and software developed inhouse. Our titles have been adopted by book clubs and found an audience world wide both in English and translations. Thousand Pieces of Gold has been made into a movie. Thousand Pieces of Gold and Pie-Biter have been acquired by other publishers. Other titles, most notably those about the early personal computers, are now out of print.

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  • Thousand Pieces of Gold   by Ruthanne Lum McCunn
    Original Publication: Hardcover, 1981. ISBN 0-932538-07-X

    Trade Paperback, 1981. ISBN 0-932538-08-8
    Book Club: Quality Paperback Book Club, 1982 & 1991
    Subsequent Publisher:   Dell, Laurel Paperback, 1983-1988
    Current Publisher: Beacon Press, Bluestreak Paperback, 1988

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Children's Book

  • Pie-Biter   by Ruthanne Lum McCunn
    Illustrated by: You-shan Tang
    Chinese Translation by:   Ellen Lai-shan Yeung
    Original Publication: Hardcover, English, 1983. ISBN 0-932538-09-6

    Hardcover, Chinese, 1983. ISBN 0-932538-10-X
    Current Publisher: Shen's Books, Hardcover, 1998

    Trilingual Edition: English, Chinese, and Spanish
For additional information about these titles, visit the author's web site:

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Out of Print

  • An Illustrated History of the Chinese in America
    by Ruthanne Lum McCunn
    Hardcover, 1979  ISBN: 0-932538-01-0
    Paperback, 1979  ISBN: 0-932538-02-9

  • Computer Programing for the Complete Idiot
    by Donald McCunn
    Paperback, 1979  ISBN: 0-932538-04-5

  • Computer Programming for the Compleat Idiot:
    for the IBM PC & PCjr

    by Donald McCunn
    Hardcover, 1984  ISBN: 0-932538-13-4
    Paperback, 1984  ISBN: 0-932538-14-2

  • Computer Programming for the Compleat Idiot:
    for the Apple, Commodore, IBM, TRS-80 and Microsoft BASIC

    by Donald McCunn
    Hardcover, 1984  ISBN: 0-932538-11-8
    Paperback, 1984  ISBN: 0-932538-12-6

  • Write, Edit, & Print: Word Processing with Personal Computers
    by Donald H McCunn
    Hardcover, 1982  ISBN: 0-932538-05-3
    Paperback, 1982  ISBN: 0-932538-06-1

Discontinued Software

  • Alexander: for the IBM Personal Computer
    by Donald H. McCunn
    Software, 1986.  ISBN: 0-932538-55-7

  • Able Web Editor: for Windows Computers
    by Donald H. McCunn
    Software, 2000.   

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