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Designing a Bra

Now the fun begins. The sloper is about fit. Now you can use that fit to create the bra of your dreams. The joy of creating your own bras is that you can create any design you want using any fabric you want.

Reconstructing the Sloper Shape

Drawing the Design Lines

Adding the Design Details

The Final Bra Pattern

Using a Cup Less Bra

The initial sloper mold can be used to define the shape of a bra cup. However, it is also possible to change the shape of the bra cup after the mold is created.

A good way to verify that the volume of a bra cup is correct is to create a bra that has all the components less the actual bra cup pieces. This verifies that the body of the bra fits correctly. You can then create a bra cup from poster board as described in the previous video, and test it's fit.

Using a Cup Less Bra

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