How to Make a Pants Sloper

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This class shows how to create a Pants Sloper that can be used for either women or men. You can use this sloper to create a wide variety of different styles of pants.

The videos show both how to fit someone else and how to fit yourself without a sewing buddy. The class is structured so that you can view the videos that are appropriate to your needs and skip the portions you are not interested in.

In addition to the basic Patternmaking Tools and Supplies you will need, I recommend about 3 yards of patternmaking paper and 3 yards of muslin.

Enrollment: Open for Independent Studies
Week One: Introduction, Measurements, and Drafting the Initial Pattern
Week Two: Sewing, Fitting, and Creating the Final Pattern
Week Three: Creating Variations from the Pants Sloper
Price for Course: $30.00 USD
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Required Text: How to Make Sewing Patterns   (Price: $24.95 USD)
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To learn more about the purpose and content of this class, you may view the videos below.

An Introduction
(4:36 minutes)
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(1 min - 7.6mb) (3 min - 1.2mb)
A Drafting Demonstration
(5:13 minutes)
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(1 min - 8.6mb) (3 min - 1.4mb)